Epicyclic drive in printing presses

Epicyclic drive in printing presses

Epicyclic Drive in Printing Presses


An epicyclic drive, also known as a planetary gear system, is a type of gear mechanism commonly used in printing presses for transmitting motion and power. It consists of several gears arranged in a specific configuration to achieve the desired speed and torque ratios.

How Does an Epicyclic Drive Work?

In an epicyclic drive, the central gear, known as the sun gear, is surrounded by multiple outer gears, known as planet gears. These planet gears are meshed with and revolve around the sun gear. The planet gears also mesh with an outer ring gear, known as the annular gear.

Advantages of Epicyclic Drive in Printing Presses

  • High torque transmission
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ability to achieve different speed ratios
  • Smooth and efficient power transmission
  • Enhanced durability and reliability

Applications of Epicyclic Drive in Printing Presses

The epicyclic drive is widely used in various components of printing presses, including:

  1. Feeder Systems
  2. Printing Units
  3. Impression Cylinders
  4. Inking Systems
  5. Paper Transport Systems

Epicyclic Drive in Feeder Systems

The feeder system in a printing press is responsible for accurately positioning the paper or substrate for printing. The epicyclic drive enables precise control of the paper feed speed, ensuring consistent and reliable paper feeding.

Epicyclic Drive in Printing Units

The printing units of a press contain the printing plates and ink rollers. The epicyclic drive is used to drive these rollers, ensuring synchronized and precise ink distribution on the plates, resulting in high-quality prints.

Epicyclic Drive in Impression Cylinders

The impression cylinders in a printing press apply pressure to transfer the inked image onto the paper. The epicyclic drive provides the necessary torque and speed control for the impression cylinders, ensuring accurate and uniform print impressions.

Epicyclic Drive in Inking Systems

The inking system of a printing press is responsible for supplying ink to the printing plates. The epicyclic drive controls the ink roller rotation, maintaining a consistent ink film thickness and ensuring optimal ink transfer.

Epicyclic Drive in Paper Transport Systems

The paper transport system in a printing press moves the printed sheets or rolls from one station to another. The epicyclic drive enables precise control of the paper transport speed, ensuring smooth and reliable movement without any slippage or misalignment.


The epicyclic drive plays a crucial role in the efficient and reliable operation of printing presses. Its compact design, high torque transmission capabilities, and versatility make it an indispensable component in the printing industry.

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