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KLRC Two-Stage Water-ring Vacuum Pump Replacement Kinney KLRC100 KLRC125 KLRC200 KLRC300 KLRC525

Kinney Replacement Two-Stage Water-ring Vacuum Pump

Our vacuum pump can perfectly replace the Kinney vacuum pump, the following is the corresponding model of Kinney



Two-stage water-ring vacuum pump and KLRC two-stage water-ring vacuum pump atmospheric jet pump unit is vacuum pumps and The vacuum unit has the characteristics of high vacuum degree, high pumping speed in high vacuum range, compact structure, reliable use, and convenient assembly and disassembly.
The unit is composed of a KLRC two-stage water-ring vacuum pump and a one-stage atmospheric jet pump. Users can use a KLRC two-stage water-ring vacuum pump alone according to their needs.
KLRC water-ring vacuum pump or unit is used to pump air or other gas insoluble in water, free of solid particles and non-corrosive, so as to form a certain degree of vacuum in a closed container. It is suitable for light textile, food, metallurgy, chemical industry, and other industrial sectors used for vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum resuscitation, vacuum drying, vacuum smelting, and other processes.

The Working Principle Of KLRC Two-stage Water-Ring Vacuum Pump

The working principle of the KLRC water ring vacuum pump is shown in Figure 1. The impeller (5) is eccentrically installed in the pump body (3). When the impeller rotates, the water is thrown around by centrifugal force. A rotating water ring (6) is formed between the inner wall of the vacuum pump and the impeller. The inner surface of the upper part of the water ring is in contact with the impeller hub. When the impeller rotates clockwise, in the process of the first half rotation, the inner surface of the water ring gradually separates from the hub, and the cavity formed between the adjacent 2 blades gradually increases. , the pumped gas passes through the pump inlet pipe (4), and is continuously sucked into the cavity through the crescent-shaped suction hole (7); during the second half-turn, the inner surface of the water ring gradually approaches the hub, and the space between the 2 adjacent blades The cavity is gradually reduced and the gas is compressed, so the pressure is continuously increased. When the pressure is increased to be greater than the external pressure, the gas is discharged, so that the gas in the sealed container is continuously drawn away to form a certain vacuum.

KLRC water ring vacuum pump working principle diagram


The atmospheric jet vacuum pump is a jet pump, and its working principle is briefly described as follows: due to the action of the KLRC water ring vacuum pump, a certain pre-vacuum is formed in the pumped container. When it is close to the ultimate vacuum of the pump, the atmospheric pump is turned on. At this time, the pressure difference between the outside atmosphere (or gas under pressure) and the intake pipe is very large. Under the action of this pressure difference, the atmosphere (or gas) is sharply drawn into the suction pipe, and the airflow speed is further increased after passing through the nozzle of the atmospheric pump. , so the pressure decreases rapidly, so that a higher vacuum (obviously higher than the ultimate vacuum of the pump) is formed in the nozzle, and the gas from the pumped system continues to be sucked into the pump.

KLRC Water-Ring Vacuum Pump Structure Description

1. Rear bearing cover 2 Shaft 3 Bearing frame 4 Front and rear end covers 5 6. Pump body section Intermediate wall B 7 Intermediate wall a 8 Tension bolt 9 Long pump body 10 Connecting pipe 11 Adjusting pad 12 Oil cup 13 Front bearing pressure cover 14 Packing gland 15 Rear cover disc 16 Short impeller 17 Long impeller 18 Pump coupling 19 Motor coupling 20 Shaft sleeve 21 Water inlet hole 22 Front cover disc

The structure of the water ring vacuum pump with an air extraction capacity of 1.5m3/min or more is shown in Figure 2. The long and short impellers 17 and 16 are fixed on shaft 2 with keys, and the middle of the 2 impellers is positioned with a shaft sleeve 20 and locked with a round nut.

This constitutes the entire rotor part and is eccentrically installed in the pump body, supported on 2 single row radial ball bearings, and the rotor part is connected with the motor shaft by a coupling 18, so that it rotates with the motor at the same speed, the long impeller 17, the long pump body 9 and the suction part form the high vacuum stage, the short pump body 5, the short impeller 16 and the discharge part form the low vacuum stage, and the exhaust port of the high vacuum stage and the suction port of the low vacuum stage are connected by a connecting pipe The connection (KLRC -1.5 does not have this connecting pipe) becomes a two-stage series, and the 2 stages are separated by an intermediate wall (A) 7 and an intermediate wall (B) 6. There are exhaust holes on the intermediate wall (A), and the intermediate wall ( B) There is a suction port on it.

1. Rear cover 2 Oil cup 3 Bearing retainer 4 Pressure bearing cover Packing gland 6 Extraction frame 7 Exhaust disc 8 Short impeller 9 Short pump body 10 Long pump body 11 Long impeller 12 Suction disc 13 Front cover 14 Water inlet hole 15 Chassis 16 Extended shaft motor

The structure of the KLRC -0.4, KLRC -0.8 two-stage water ring vacuum pump is shown in Figure 3, and its high and low vacuum stage structure is basically the same as that of the pump shown in Figure 2 (no connecting pipe). Using a special extended shaft motor, the long and short impellers are fixed on the shaft with keys, but they can be floated axially and eccentrically placed in the long and short pump bodies.

The seals at both ends of the KLRC water-ring vacuum pump use oil-impregnated asbestos packing or mechanical seals.
One end of the high vacuum stage has a water inlet hole, from which the supplementary water enters the long pump body of the high vacuum stage, and the supplementary water of the low vacuum stage is discharged from the high vacuum stage. (KLRC -12, KLRC -20, and KLRC -30 low-vacuum-level supplementary water is also supplied from the water supply pipe, but the amount must be adjusted through a valve). The high and low vacuum stages are firmly connected together by tension bolts.
The atmospheric jet pump is composed of an intake pipe, a nozzle, an atmospheric valve body, and a diffuser.

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