Epicyclic drive in radar systems

Epicyclic Drive in Radar Systems

Epicyclic Drive in Radar Systems

Epicyclic Drive


An epicyclic drive is a gear system that consists of one or more outer gears, or planet gears, revolving about a central, or sun gear. The planet gears are mounted on a movable arm, or carrier, which itself may rotate relative to the sun gear. Epicyclic drives are widely used in radar systems due to their compact size and high efficiency.

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Advantages of Epicyclic Drive in Radar Systems

Epicyclic drive offers several advantages over other types of gear systems in radar applications:

  • Compact size and high power density
  • High efficiency and low backlash
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Ability to handle high torque and radial loads

Working of Epicyclic Drive in Radar Systems

The basic working of an epicyclic drive is as follows:

  1. The sun gear is attached to the input shaft and rotates about its own axis.
  2. The planet gears are mounted on the carrier and mesh with the sun gear.
  3. The ring gear is fixed and meshes with the planet gears.
  4. When the sun gear rotates, it causes the planet gears to rotate about their own axis as well as revolve around the sun gear.
  5. The rotation of the planet gears causes the carrier to rotate, which in turn drives the output shaft.

Epicyclic drives can be configured in several ways to achieve different gear ratios and torque outputs. For example, a planetary gear system has multiple planet gears that mesh with a single sun gear and a ring gear. A sun and planet gear system has a single planet gear that meshes with a sun gear and a ring gear. A star gear system has a sun gear meshing with multiple planet gears that themselves mesh with a fixed ring gear.

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Applications of Epicyclic Drive in Radar Systems

Epicyclic drives are commonly used in radar systems for:

  • Rotating the antenna for scanning purposes
  • Adjusting the focus of the radar beam
  • Driving the gear train for the radar transmitter and receiver
  • Controlling the azimuth and elevation of the radar system


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